I caved.

I finally bought a boutique domain name. No matter how I justify my spending, the money was spent. I’m now the proud owner of


I’ve owned for a really long time. It was my original username for just about everything. But, as I grew older, it seemed more and more childish. Everyone kept typing tigerjj. I wanted something more professional, and more personal.

For years, I’ve been vying to get from its current owner, but to no avail. (I sent him one email) Tadhg is a unique name, and just unique enough that I would have had a shot at actually owning it.

You might say, but there are so many alternatives!

And so, we look at my last name. Jarzebowski. As Polish as they come. Lucky for me, the .ski TLD was waiting for me to come along.

I would like to blame Bartosz Ciechanowski ( for this great hardship to my wallet. He’s an amazing web developer, and his website is truly phenomenal. There are also countless other portfolio sites that have inspired me, both in their content, and in their hipster urls.